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Free. Really, it's Free.

Dip your toe into the wonderful world of live TV streaming and watch TV for free with Sling. Stream full seasons of hit shows like Hell’s Kitchen or Forensic Files, watch free movies and see what’s trending for paid Sling subscribers. When you decide you want to start saving money, join the Sling subscriber family and get the live TV you love for less.

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Sling in for Free: 

How it works

Launch Sling Free

Click "Start Watching Free" to begin browsing the Sling Free library, or access Sling Free on Roku, Amazon Fire TV,  Android TV and Android mobile devices.

Browse and Watch

Browse the free selection of content, including a select number of live channels and dozens of on-demand options, as well as shows and movies that are reserved for Slingscribers. 

Sign up at your leisure

Once you decide which Sling service is right for you, simply click "Subscibe to Watch" on any of the locked content and sign up in 5 minutes.

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