What is SLING?


Learn more about how SLING works! Keep reading and let us answer all of your questions about SLING TV streaming services.


Simply put, SLING is a budget friendly, easier way to watch TV. It’s live shows, live sports, live news and video on-demand that you can watch online using a supported streaming device that’s connected to the internet. That includes your smart TV as well as your smartphone, laptop, and other streaming devices.

If you’re used to watching TV with a cable or satellite subscription, you’ll find that the switch to SLING is easier than you might think. SLING offers you tons of top channels like ESPN, HGTV and CNN so you don’t have to worry about missing out. From there, you can customize your service to include more of the channels you love without having to pay for the channels you never watch.

In today’s world of streaming services, SLING is the perfect live TV solution to bundle together with your on-demand streaming services so you can get all of the content you crave without dishing out hundreds of dollars a month. 

Watch TV online, live and on-demand

Streaming live TV online offers the same experience as watching from a cable box or satellite. What makes SLING different, though, is that you don’t have to be tied to the equipment set up in your house. Your SLING service follows you anywhere you take the SLING app – from your smart TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick to your iPhone or Android smartphone and more.

SLING combines the same guide view style that you’re used to seeing from your TV provider with the ribbon-style views offered by your other streaming services. This makes it easy to find the shows that you’re looking for, and then find them again later by adding them to your My TV tab.

If you aren’t able to watch shows live when they air, you can use Cloud DVR to record the shows you want and guarantee that they’ll be available when you’re ready. All Sling users get 10 hours of DVR for free, and can upgrade to get 50 hours with Cloud DVR Plus. SLING also has a huge library of on-demand titles that lets you watch on your own time.

*Based on the average cable monthly cost of $144.50 reported by LRG in 'Pay TV in the U.S. 2019' on 11/5/2019

SLING TV streaming services

At SLING, our main goal is to give you the most control possible over what channels you pay for and how you watch while also saving you money. Start by picking between SLING Orange and SLING Blue, which have slightly different channel lineups. You can even choose to sign up for SLING Orange + SLING Blue and watch all of the base channels at a discounted rate. SLING is also the only service that doesn’t make you pay for your local channels in most markets - learn more about how to watch local channels for free.

Hot tip: You can switch between Sling Orange and Sling Blue base services at any time by accessing your subscription in My Account and changing your selection!

Pro tip: You can switch between SLING Orange and SLING Blue base services at any time by accessing your subscription in My Account and changing your selection!

Ways to Customize


  • SLING Extras are mini channel collections organized by genre that help you customize your lineup. Mix and match options like Sports Extra, News Extra, Kids Extra and more when you sign up. To keep your lineup flexible, SLING lets you add or drop extras at any time by going to My Account and editing your subscription.
  • Add-on channels give you even more options for customization, and can be added and dropped just like Extras. Add-on channels are SLING's premium subscriptions like Starz, Showtime and EPIX as well as interest-specific options like CuriosityStream, Hallmark Movies Now, Monsters & Nightmares, Pantaya and more.
  • Add more languages to your lineup with SLING Latino and SLING International. Explore programming options from South and East Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and South America, and then add or drop your choices just like Extras.

Long story short: SLING is the most flexible way to watch live TV, with lineup options that reflect your interests and keep your bank account happy. 

Want to learn more about SLING?

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Watch 3 days FREE
3-Day Free Trial Offer Details

Updated April 6, 2020

Free trial

Available to new customers upon account activation. One per customer. Must provide email address and credit card. Trial will end on the date that is 3 days following account activation or upon cancellation if subscription is cancelled prior to this date. Your account will be authorized to receive programming upon your first login.


After free trial your credit card will be charged monthly for applicable subscription until you cancel your service.


Cancel on Sling.com or visit help.sling.com to contact us. Programming fees are charged monthly in advance and no credits or refunds will be issued for partial or prepaid months after cancellation.

Streaming limitations

The number of devices on which Sling content can be watched at the same time varies based on the Sling service. If you subscribe to our Sling Latino core services, you can enjoy three streams at a time. If you subscribe to our Sling International core services, you can enjoy three streams at a time. If you subscribe to our Sling Orange service, you can enjoy one stream at a time. Any extras you add to your Sling Orange service will be included in your single stream. If you subscribe to our Sling Blue service, you can enjoy up to three streams of these channels at the same time. Any extras you add to your Sling Blue service will be included in your three streams. If you subscribe to both services in Sling Orange + Sling Blue, you can enjoy up to four streams at the same time. Because you are purchasing two separate services in Sling Orange + Sling Blue, you can get the total number of streams included on each separate service—one stream for any channel on the single-stream Sling Orange service and three streams for channels on the multi-stream Sling Blue service. To get up to four streams, go to the My Account page and make sure that the “show me only Sling Blue versions of channels in both services” box is not checked.


Certain programs may be unavailable due to programmer restrictions or blackouts. Only available within the United States. State and local taxes apply. All prices, fees, charges, services, programming, features, functionality and offers subject to change without notice.

Channels Offered in Select Markets

Some local channels including FOX and NBC are only available in select markets. See which local channels are available in your area on our help site