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Since 1893, LSU has entertained football fans across the nation with its top talent and can’t-miss contests - not to mention its famous live tiger mascot, Mike. As a member of the powerhouse-packed Southeastern Conference, LSU faces tough opponents in SEC rivals like Auburn, Arkansas and Ole Miss. That’s why each year, fans come back to watch LSU football games in hopes of seeing their favorite team nab the coveted SEC West Division title.

See how the Tigers will stack up this year against its fellow Western Division teams and especially against its hotly anticipated matchup with rival Florida. See which rotating opponent LSU will face in this year’s other cross-divisional game, a tradition controversial among fans, but one that makes for an always-suspenseful matchup. Don’t miss out on this season’s hard-hitting LSU football action and find out when and where to tune in for this season’s games so you can start planning the next few months around what really matters - LSU football.




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Updated October 25, 2017

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For LSU fans, college football season is the time of year where matchups are a can’t-miss event. And, have you heard the good news? A pricey TV package isn’t the only way to watch LSU live anymore. More and more college football fans are opting to cut the cord and turn to streaming services like Sling TV for their touchdown fix. Only Sling TV brings you the LSU games you’ve got to see on your favorite college channels like SEC Network - all for $30/month with Sling Orange + Sports Extra. The way you watch the Tigers action is up to you - catch LSU’s epic plays from your living room with a Roku, or tune in on a variety of popular devices to get the games you want anytime, anywhere. If you can’t stream LSU live, just record it with Cloud DVR to watch whenever you’re ready.

So whether you’re an alum, a local or just a fan of thrilling college football, you can count on Louisiana State to be a team whose matchups are always must-see TV. Be sure to tune in this season and watch the Tigers face rivals Florida and Alabama, or to see which star players will be the next ones drafted by the NFL. No matter their opponent, LSU promises action-packed games that leave fans hungry for more — and with Sling TV, you can catch top touchdowns for less.